Input/Loss Method - Typical Real-Time Output

Input/Loss allows determination of the following parameters in real-time:


Fuel Chemistry (with water and ash)
Fuel Heating Value
Boiler Efficiency
Fuel Flow
Turbine Cycle Heat Rate
Unit Heat Rate
Effluent Flow Rates
Emission Rates
Fuel Consumption Indices (FCIs)
Tube Failure Detection with Location

Typical Engine Displays

Power Plant System
     Fuel Consumption Indices (FCI) versus time 18 available

           Power                   Economizer                  Reheater
           Boiler to Drum       Drum to Final SH          Turbine Cycle
Economics of Components
      HP and IP Turbine efficiencies
      Gross and Net Heat Rates

Steam Generator
      Boiler Efficiency versus time                   Tube Failures & Location
      Soot Blowing recommendations               System Air Leakage

Engine Operation
      Input/Loss computed fuel flow versus plant indicated fuel flow
      Warning Messages and numerical convergences
2 and H2O correction factors versus time

SIP-System Interface Package

       Excel® spreadsheet which contains over 2000 output values 
       Employs 14 spreadsheets, many of which summarize thermal performance
       Up to 40 user defined computations are afforded


Steam Generator Performance Report- standardized 12 page report 
EPA Emissions Report - for all effluents
Fuel Iteration Report
Tube Failure Report



Input/Loss Engine Panel
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Fuel Chemistry
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Fuel Consumption Indices (FCI's)
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Tube Failure Detection
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Remote Performance Link

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