Remote Performance Link

RPL assists electric utilities in improving their plant efficiency by connecting the Input/Loss Method Calculational Engine with an engineer at our partner company, Exothermic Engineering. RPL provides the communication tools necessary to deliver the real-time information required to improve efficiency.


RPL offers continuous use of the premier performance monitoring software, the Input/Loss Method, at minimal cost. RPL grants access to experienced plant engineers who perform daily reviews of plant thermal performance with the goal of minimizing operating costs all with limited plant involvement.


Engineers from both Exergetic Systems and Exothermic Engineering will study your system and set models. Once the computers and latching software are installed the link between the plant, Exothermic Engineering and Exergetic Systems is established. Plant personnel are fully trained on the system and daily reports & notifications are established. Performance as well as recommendations are reported monthly to plant personnel.


RPL enables the monitoring of the following parameters and events:

Early Tube Leak Detection
    ● Planned outages
    ● Avoid secondary damages

Heat Rate Drift
    ● Early correction reduces CO
2 emissions and fuel costs

Fuel Ultimate Analysis and HHV
    ● Accurate boiler efficiency
    ● Affects of differing fuels

Daily Review & Monthly Reports

and more...

RPL is your Real-Time link to Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs.

Input/Loss Method Calculational Engine
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Fuel Chemistry
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Fuel Consumption Indices (FCI's)
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Tube Failure Detection
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