Input/Loss Method - Fuel Chemistry

Exergetic Systems' Input/Loss Method truly understands the fuel chemistry and heating value of all fossil fuels. Input/Loss was developed specifically for coal fired power plants and has equal capabilities in units firing all other fossil fuels.
Real Fuel, Real Time.

Why is Fuel Chemistry important? If fuel chemistry and heating values are not understood on a real-time basis, real energy flow to the system cannot be accurately established.  A fuel's chemical characteristics determine its energy content; knowing the molar characteristics are key to unlocking the useful energy of the fuel. Exergetic Systems' engineers have spent over 20 years in developing a model which extracts fuel chemistry from products of combustion.

Once fuel chemistry is known on a real-time basis it can be used to determine its heating value, an accurate boiler efficiency, and a calculated fuel flow. Once fuel flow and other system characteristics are known system air and effluent flows, i.e., accurate carbon emission flow can be determined. A number of parameter are then calculated from this data which are exclusive to Input/Loss such as: Fuel  Consumption Indices (FCIs), a comprehensive analysis of where fuel is being consumed through system losses; and real-time Tube Failure Detection with location analysis. Finally, to prove its precision, Input/Loss can self verify its results through four verification techniques.

Determination of Fuel Chemistry?  While the determination of fuel chemistry from products of combustion in a commercial steam generator is a patented concept, what is accomplished Input/Loss is an integration of emissions with high accuracy boiler efficiency. What is ultimately accomplished with Input/Loss is an ability to employ Boiler or Stack O2 with Stack CO2 measurements, an integration of system air leakage within the plant stoichiometrics, while concurrently performing Fuel Iterations. This process was developed and refined over a number of years and multiple generations of Input/Loss software.

The determination of fuel chemistry utilizing fuel iterations based on emissions is not an easy task. A true understanding of the relationship between the molar compositions needs to be established as well as molar balances within the system. The company set out to understand the multiple element relationships of fossil fuels and discovered the very "genetics" of fossil fuels using an Oxy-Hydrocarbon Model.  Today Input/Loss employs the patented Oxy-Hydrocarbon model and is able to calculate fuel chemistry in real time with results that are more precise than an ultimate analysis of the same fuel. Input/Loss is the only performance monitoring system to provide plant personnel Real Fuel in Real Time.

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Oxy-Hydrocarbon Model of Fossil Fuels
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