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Exergetic Systems encourages viewing our video presentations on the Input/Loss Method. These presentations highlight Input/Loss' capabilities and its engineering foundation, which set Input/Loss apart in its own class of performance monitoring systems.

The videos are taken from our CD marketing presentations; they require Adobe® Flash® Player. A prompt to Get Flash will appear should a Player download be required. The video will open in a full screen pop-up; some pop-up blockers may not allow the video to open and subsequent directions will advise on how to proceed. A blank screen may briefly appear as video downloads. Our video selections can be viewed independently or by using menu prompts which will direct you to the next available presentation. Click on a selection below to view.

   Introduction to Exergetic Systems

   Introduction to the Input/Loss Method


         Performance Monitoring Concepts



         Input/Loss Engineering

                  -Oxy-Hydrocarbon Model of Fossil Fuels

                  -Fuel Consumption Indices (FCIs)

                  -Tube Failure Detection

                  -Verification of Performance Monitoring

         Engine Panel (Displays, Use, and Reports)

         Operator Displays

   About Exergetic Systems (company timeline)



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