Technical Papers

The following is a sampling of technical publications which explain general techniques useful for thermal performance engineering; this includes fossil-fired power plant technology for real-fuel / real-time monitoring using the Input/Loss Method, and nuclear power plant technology for improved safety and monitoring using the NCV Method. Please note that all American Society of Mechanical Engineers papers (**) are posted herein by permission of ASME for personal use only. All American Nuclear Society papers (***) are posted herein by permission of ANS for personal use only. Personal use aside, additional reproduction, redistribution or transmission of these papers, either in print or digital form, is not permitted without ASME’s or ANS’s prior written permission.


  1. Introduction to the Input/Loss Method
    View Paper (599KB PDF)
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  2. Detection of Tube Leaks and Their Location Using Input/Loss Methods
    View Paper (643KB PDF), © 2004 ASME**.   ASME Prime Movers Committee Award Recipient
    View Video Presentation
  3. Fuel Consumption Index for Proper Monitoring of Power Plants - Revisited
    View Paper (400KB PDF), © 2002 ASME**.
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  4. Performance Improvements at the Boardman Coal Plant as a Result of Testing and Input/Loss Monitoring
    View Paper (966KB PDF), © 2002 ASME**.
  5. Practical Experience with the Input/Loss Method as Applied to a CFB Power Plant
    View Paper and Award (1141KB PDF), © 1999 ASME**.  
    This plant won Power Magazine’s Powerplant of the Year Award

  6. The Monitoring of Coal-Fired Power Plants Using The Input/Loss Method - Part III (also see ”Errors…” paper)
    View Paper (295KB PDF), © 2000, 2009 ASME**.
  7. Discord in Boiler Efficiency Standards and Calorimetric Temperature (Part III Supplement, also see ”Errors …” papers)
    View Paper (150KB PDF)
  8. The Monitoring of Coal-Fired Power Plants Using The Input/Loss Method - Part IV
    View Paper (287KB PDF), © 2004 ASME**.
  9. An Oxy-Hydrocarbon Model of Fossil Fuels
    View Paper (5.5MB PDF), © 2007 ASME**.
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  10. Monitoring and Improving Coal Fired Power Plants Using the Input/Loss Method - Part V
    (Verification of Performance Monitoring Systems)

    View Paper (2.5MB PDF), © 2007, 2008 ASME**.
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  11. What's Wrong with Thermal Performance Engineering?
    View Paper (2.6MB PDF), © 2007 ASME**.
  12. Errors in Boiler Efficiency Standards
    View Revision 30 of Paper (284KB PDF), © 2009 ASME**.
    View "ASME Power 2009 Presentation" (880KB PDF)
  13. Determining HP-IP Turbine Seal Leakage
    View Paper (1027KB PDF), © 2010 ASME**.
    View Sample Excel spreadsheet using Btu (US Customary) units, requires Steam Tables* (244KB XLS)

    View Sample Excel spreadsheet using SI units, requires Steam Tables* (272KB XLS)
    *The Steam Tables required can be replaced with your customary Software Add-Ins.  Alternatively, the Steam Tables used in these sheets can be purchased from Exergetic Systems.
  14. Study of the Thermodynamics of Pulverizers
    View Paper (2338KB PDF), © 2011 ASME**.
  15. Sorbent Thermodynamic Properties Developed for Portland General Electric
    View Paper (704KB PDF)
  16. Verified Knowledge of Your Fossil-Fired Power Plant (Revised 8/2023),
    View Paper (6988KB PDF), with permission from the International Clean Energy Conference, Smart Power Generation Forum, Beijing, China, May 16-17, 2019.
  17. Comments on “Application of Adjustment Theory in Thermotechnical Tests” by Dr. Streit 
    View Paper (2.7KB PDF)
  18. Verified Knowledge of Nuclear Power Plants Using the NCV Method
    View Revision 24 of the corrected Paper (533KB PDF), © 2023 ANS (***)
    View “American Nuclear Society National Meeting 2023 Presentation” (1814KB PDF)

  19. International Patent Application for the NCV Method
    View Paper (5336KB PDF) ;this document, WIPO_WO-2023-049141-A9.pdf, was obtained from The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) PATENTSCOPE Database, WIPO bears no responsibility for the integrity or accuracy of the data contained in this document, in particular due, but not limited, to any deletion, manipulation, or reformatting of data that may have occurred beyond its control.
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