Exothermic Engineering

Exergetic Systems has formed a partnership with Exothermic Engineering, LLC ( for engineering and marketing assistance. Exothermic Engineering is located in Missouri, to help serve our US mid-west clients. Exothermic Engineering was established specifically to help utility owners and operators solve power plant performance problems. The company's focus is on combustion issues related to controls, boilers performance, fuels and combustion forensic services.

SYSCON Technologies

Exergetic Systems has formed a partnership with SYSCON Technologies, a Greek company ( for engineering support of its Input/Loss installations both in Europe and in North America. Both Exergetic Systems, Inc. and Exergetic Systems Limited have worked with SYSCON Technologies personnel for many years, and have complete confidence in their ability in data extraction from Distributed Control Systems (DCS), the design and implementation of process data, and in data logging, trending, storage, etc. For Exergetic Systems they have installed both PI systems (from OSIsoft, LLC), and iFIX (from General Electric Company) in direct support of our installations. But this is only a portion of what our partnership means. For the past 10 years, SYSCON Technologies has been developing its revolutionary n
th Dimension product, a 3D graphics HMI/SCADA application which will bring process monitoring to a new generation. nth Dimension is a computer graphics package which couples a virtual reality environment of the system, process automation and industrial communications. Through nth Dimension, the user explores process monitoring in an unique way, experiencing the 4th dimension – time - in a way never seen before. We hope to fully integrate nth Dimension into our real-time Input/Loss monitoring system in the near future.


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