Input/Loss Patents

The Input/Loss Method, including its tube failure detection model, is protected under United States, Canadian, Australian and European patents. Within the EU Input/Loss patents are owned by Exergetic Systems Limited (a private U.K. company). All U.S., Canadian and Australian patents are owned by Exergetic Systems LLC (a California corporation). Exergetic Systems’ patent portfolio also contains non-Input/Loss patents (not shown) relating to power plant instrumentation, Rankine cycle modifications and pollution reduction processes. A number of pending applications have been filed.


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United States

 1999-030,648 (also 762,836)


European  **sold**
 1,171,834 (GB, DE, GR, IT)
 1,502,188 (GB, IE)
 1,835,228 (GB, DE, IE, CH)


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